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Tags: the fosters mariana foster stef foster lena adams cierra ramirez teri polo sherri saum so this ended up being my favorite non-stef/lena dynamic which is saying something on this show with all its great relationships each of the kids had their own arcs with multiple other characters brandon with callie and mike jesus with lexi and mariana mariana was the most about her moms and I really liked that it was her instead of the bio kid or a newcomer though of course they had their moments too but we saw mariana acting up and making mistakes more than any other kid and she still remained their princess :') and of all these really lovely moments with lena finally coming home after spending her night(s?) at stef's bedside it's mariana who keeps her company in her empty bed and the hugs and the mama sandwiches and the memories it's actually the third row's leftmost moment that's my favorite even though mariana's not even in it it's just so affectionate and understanding like they're both smart aware women and get that mariana's love for attention isn't always the greatest thing but they acknowledge it and are fond of it and even indulge it it's such a knowing loving family moment yikes this got long but man I did not expect drug dealing mariana to become such a favorite I guess I shall save my mariana-is-TOTALLY-stef's-favorite for some other time but look how she asked after her specifically and was that worried after her recovery and how she melts when she's too shy to accept her lollipop